MARTAs Proposed service changes will effect the Westside

Marta has proposed several route variances that will effect Grove Park commuters in 2018. Marta announced this week it would be rerouting more than 20 buses routes as well as creating new routes.  Marta is implementing these changes to improve service times and on-times performance improving frequency of service to 30 minutes on all service days. Proposed Marta has scheduled Community forums and Public hearings on these proposed changes details in the can be found at

Grove Park Routes effected: 

50- Donald Lee Hollowell Adjusting route to serve North Ave Station and extend western terminus to serve new UPS distribution facility and Atlanta Industrial

58- Atlanta Industrial/Hollywood Road Adjusting route to operate between Westend Station, Westlake Station and Bolton Rd & James Jackson Pkwy

Route-3 Martin Luther King/Auburn Ave ReAlign service across the Gultch (southside of Mercedes Benz Stadium) to operate via Mitchell St and MLK (westbound). Transfer Florida Heights routing to new route 867. 


marta public hearings.png
Torrie Redding