Summit Confronts Rapid Development In NW Atlanta Communities On World Environment Day

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As an act of awareness and public outreach on United Nations World Environment Day 2018, an Environmental Planning Summit will be held in Atlanta, Georgia by the Global Environment Network on June 5th, starting with a news conference at 1:00pm in the Northwest Atlanta Conference Center(3120 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway NW 30318).


The news conference will highlight the imperative of confronting the impact that the lightening speed of development is having on Northwest Atlanta communities in the Proctor Creek watershed basin, and the growing possibility of federal/state funding delays for Proctor Creek environmental restoration efforts.


Summit attendees will participate in a environmental roundtable discussion following the news conference to explore how, as environmental stakeholders, diverse leaders can use community engagement strategies in the Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit framework to:  support existing residents, businesses, and churches remaining in their community; build community economic development; create inclusive, sustainable growth; and prevent destructive gentrification.  Refreshments will follow the roundtable discussion from 4:00 - 6:00pm.


Atlanta City Councilman District 9 Dustin Hillis, whose district lies within the Proctor Creek watershed basin, has communicated his commitment to the efforts of the Environmental Planning Summit in the following released public statement:


"We are at a critical time in the development of greenspace in Northwest Atlanta that can impact the economic development of not only our District in Northwest Atlanta, but the entire Atlanta metropolitan region.  We need strategies for affordable housing and for education, and for small businesses so that all of the residents of District 9 can reap the rewards from the environmental revitalization of Proctor Creek and access to the Chattahoochee River.


"At this time of budget decision-making in the City of Atlanta, we are seeking input from the citizens of Atlanta and we look forward to hearing from the participants of the Environmental Planning Summit for developing our City's budget priorities.  I believe in the Neighborhood Planning Unit framework for citizen participation and communication about community issues of critical importance, like those being addressed at the Summit.


"I look forward to working with the people of District 9 as well as other stakeholders of the Proctor Creek watershed basin to face the challenges that lie ahead in creating a economic development model with our NPU's, neighborhood associations, and other critical community leaders, that other cities across America can benefit from as well."


The Environmental Planning Summit in Atlanta is registered as a part of the United Nations World Environment Day 2018.

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Torrie Redding