MARTA Board Green Lights MORE MARTA plan

In a 10-0 vote, the MARTA Board of Directors adopted the final version of the transit agency’s “More MARTA” plan, which will distribute $2.7 billion in city of Atlanta projects.

This version differs significantly from the original, much-debated plan presented in May, but mirrors an adjusted set of recommendations presented last week. It includes a larger allocation for transit along the Atlanta Beltline and less funding for the so-called Clifton Corridor. It also includes light rail service, and not the originally proposed bus rapid transit system, along Campbellton Road.

the 40-year plan involves 29 miles of light rail, 13 miles of bus rapid transit lines and three arterial rapid transit routes. Station improvements are included as well.

Atlanta voters approved an additional half-penny sales tax to fund transit construction and operations inside the city in 2016. Atlanta’s City Council compiled a list containing more than $11.5 billion in potential projects, despite the the fact that the tax is expected to collect less than a quarter of that amount.

The MARTA solicited public input on how to best spend the money — and quickly found that many community groups had many different priorities.

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Torrie Redding