September Minutes 2019

Questions to the Police Officer:

Most of the time they are tracking what the FBI calls part one crimes – drug crimes

People want to know how to get a speed bump on their road, but they have to contact the city

 Finance Report:

Still rolling in money from the Festival

Got a check from Councilman Westmoreland and another one from Council member Brown


Private group for neighbors on Facebook, Grove Park Neighbors

IG: groveparkatl

Fulton County Arts began a development called the cultural action plan.

One hour group discussion through out the city. Bowden Center is where one of the meetings is taking place.

Emma Darnell passed away and they are having an election to fill her seat.

 Fulton County is building the fulton county animal shelter, they are building a new one. Facility does not have enough space for the dogs 

Groundbreaking for Kipp Woodson park at 9:30 Sept 10

NWBA hosting a meeting on Sept at 10:30am

Education: Need Education Chair

Things to know: had an election for city council district 3. Byrone Amos was running and they had a special election to fill his school board education spot. This is important because our high school is a part of district 2. There are non-candidates. 

The is an event Sept 14th called the black parent forum. Kids k-12 that will help you kids get into private school. Friend School in Decatur. 

Environmental Beautification:

Advisory committee meeting for the Westside Reservoir Park. $17.5 million from the Arthur Blank Foundation.

Talking about a grant at Eco addendum – They are wrapping up their grant and they are doing nature walk in September. They do guided walks. Trees in the neighborhood that haven’t been touched since people move into the area.

If you want to volunteer for the beautification committee find Matt Josey

Every committee needs members.

 Atlanta District 3

Officers have received complaints about the streets and people space and conducted a transportation study. They will keep us in the loop on the process of what is decided on how to fix the speeding issue.

 Atlanta District 9 – Councilman Hillis

Sept 27th initial event at BEST Academy working with youth.

Pep Rally – initial pep rally for the students to introduce them to the program and will work with the school to find the kids that need the most help.

APD raises is something he is working on. Since August 20ththere are more cops that have been added, and increasing the wages has shown results. They are trying to keep seasoned cops on the force to increase response time

Development: Joel Boman with Quarry Yards

Update: Right next to bankhead marta station, and they have apartments that will be affordable housing. They think November is going to be there ground breaking. 182 affordable housing units. They are doing 60% AMI.

Across the street they will have 290 – this will also have retail. 

Small office building, 4-5 levels. 

They have 70 acres 1,000 houses and acres.

They are working with the city to clean up the creek. 

They want to create a trail. 

Did a masterplan call the DRI, Development Regional Impact plan. Really big plan that they have to do. 

It stopped their building and SAP process. Sept to Dec heavily in permitting.

Picked a general contractor. Job symposium 4-5 days

Day 1 about minority owned business to be eligible for working in quarry yards. Any job you want to do to hire people.

Hire interns from the community and develop a regional plan of what they are trying to do.

They have tried talking to grocery stores, but they need $100,00 in revenue every week. They have tried but grocery stores have said its no possible yet because they don’t have enough revenue to sustain it. 

How are Quarry Yards and the neighborhood going to relate to each other?

They helped with the protector creek greenway. 

He sees quarry yards as a people place because they are going to have a green lawn for people to congregate. 

How are you going to reach out to minority owned business? They are going to use Grove Park Foundation and Bright Futures and Westside works. Not their job to train but want to help find minority business owners.

Add national association of minority contractors.

Vinceno Group

 Giant Foods, they are looking to develop it. They want a variance from the city.  They are coming back in this month to request that they can build the building higher. They want to increase the height of the building, and the current zoning laws don’t allow for people to building as high as they need it because it is near housing developmental.

Torrie Redding