February Meeting Minutes

February Minutes


Call to Order T. Austin 7:10


  • Update from Lieutenant K.Baldini (Public Safety)

Update regarding progress with gas station crime carjackings etc. Progress has been made however there is a large amount of juveniles responsible for these crimes and there is no viable system to prevent them from reoffending because they are released to their parents within 30 days sometimes even less so we have to do something as development comes commercial and residential properties. 

(See Juvenile Reform Act)  If you would like to contact her direct email: KBaldini@atlantaga.gov


Please refer to www.apd.org for crime stats which are available real-time you can cross search Beats, NPU, Neighborhoods etc. 


  • Elected Official  D.Hillis - will head Council Public Safety Committee there is a plan for sweeps up DLH for code enforcement issues, as well transportation and transit infrastructure 
  • Dustin Hillis contact # 404-623-4903
  • Resources for city issues use 311
  • Resident Questions:

R.Marosy Has there been any more info about DOT street widening on DLH? 

Answer: the Project is still about 2 years out DOT set budgets and infrastructure upgrades sometimes ten years prior 

T. Redding Do you anything about the delay regarding snow storm debris that is still remains 2 mos later? 

Answer: Public Works is behind schedule please follow-up and reach out to my office #404-330-6044 drhillis@atlantaga.gov 


Treasury Report R.Marosy 


Communications Report T.Redding please contact me if you would like serve of this committee help is needed with newsletter, social media and website content

Creekside Festival Update Date Saturday May 19th 12-6pm at Grove Park we will have food trucks, stage, bands ,vendors and more volunteers are needed. Please see T.J to volunteer

GPF Beatification Grant we have received 5K for a mural in Grove Park in the old Pawn Shop as part of the revitalization efforts of the Grove Theater. Volunteers Needed

APS/KIPP Woodson Park Transition Metro Dihan Hayes ph# 404-802-2857 Office of Innovation and  KIPP Exec/Director Kinnari Patel-Smyth 678-520-6993   the transition is on schedule to transition in the current Woodson Park building to a KIPP operated school. 

Q: What is the ground-breaking date for the new school 

A: Jan 2019

Q: Will the name remain Woodson Park which is a combination of the two consolidated school names?

A: Not sure but we will bring that back to the city 


Q: Will the YMCA be built during the same period or later on in the Project

A: Yes same time frame in conjunction with school construction

  • Georgia Heir Property Law Center helps to secure property rights if your deed is cloudy you are not eligible for rehab programs, or homestead exemption programs

    Contact #706-424-7557 ext 1

Q: What are your fees?

A: fees are charged on a sliding scale

  • D&E Financial Services Carry Harris

Presented to offer financial services thru a partnership with GPF and Atlantic Capital Bank HUD approved housing facilitators & Freddie Mack 

Focus group meeting is planned Sat, February 20th 10am @Paradise Church

  • Update Urban Creek Partners updates, renderings and reveal of the project name Quarry Yards further community input sessions to come. 

Q: What Zoning is needed for this project and where are you in the approval process?

A: It is now done and is MR3-C 

Q: Will any of the existing building remain for adaptive use

A: No it’s in really poor shape

Q: Will the green space be maintained by you or the city? 

A: Greenway is a city easement however UCP will maintain it

Q: How will you give preference to current legacy residents for the affordable housing ?

A: We have to work with the city on programs

  • MR. Pigs -not in attendance 


NPU-J  Meeting February 27, 7pm Douglas HS 

February 17 @ 2pm Community Forum Columbia Residential regard Westlake development

Adjournment 8:28pm 



Torrie Redding