March Meeting Minutes

 Grove Park Neighborhood Association

  • Call to Order T. Austin  

  • APD Update/Public Safety Report Officer Graham ph:404-548-2499 

Q: Is code Enforcement partnering APD re illegal mechanic shops? A: No immediate answer f/u needed  

  • Social Media please join in following us on FB, IG, twitter, NextDoor etc. T.Austin  

Committee Reports 

Communications T.Redding  

Dogwood Library Renovations the planning committee released details re: reno plans which are being scheduled for Nov 2018 which will close the branch for up to 4 mos. The library footprint will remain however systems will be updated, internal plumbing, electrical, roofing repairs and updated décor will be installed. we will also receive 10K new books for circulation 

MARTA route changes that effect Grove Park details at  

Treasury Report T.Austin  

Expenditures Permit for Creekside $300  

Membership please support with member dollars $30 per household  

Education Committee T.Austin request volunteers 

  • Creekside Festival T.Austin 

Looking to fill vendor and entertainment slots for fest. Logo will be complete within the week to launch promotion Early April  

Q: How much will vendor fee be? A: yes but nominal fee TBD 

  • Grove Theater Mural Project T.Redding 

Flyers are available tonight, submissions are open deadline is MArch 31st details at or email  

Trees Atlanta A.Beasley 

NeighborWoods program Mayor Bottoms approved funding recently they would like to focus on GP linear parks. Opt-in Only which means if you want the trees they will be at S.Evelyn Saturday 17th 9am-12pm  contact or call 404-681-4894  

Kevin Mink working with invasive plant removal and Proctor Creek clean-up through a grant  

Saturday March 17th Grove Park Rec Center 9am-12pm Invasive Plant removal  

Bank of AMerica clean-up focus will be on Hortense Place 9-12pm  

  • Welcoming New Members T.Austin  

  •  Hand only CPR Presentation             J.Shign Georgia Tech 

  • COA Office of Resiliance Presentation on PCG trail and Grove Park Trail Spur Options 

See Grove Park YouTube(search) Grove Park Neighborhood Association   

Q: What will be done about parking? A: No parking is planned w/out additional funds  

Q: During initial discussion pushing the barriers back at Hortense and creating a small gravel lot was on the table. Is that still and option? A: n/a follow up needed possible GP prop so easement would be needed  

Q: What about the other end of Grove Place away from Hortense?  

Q: Why was the Grove Park spur NOT included in the initial design 

Q:  Will we get more than one access point in the future? A: it all depends on funding 

Q:  Could we use Corp funds to help with the Spur A: possibly they are in the process of applying for additional funds which could help with this effort as well as Future Proctor Park  

Q: Option 1 is horrible because it is remote and very hidden why is that on the table?  

Q: Can the city condemn a landowner   

PLease attend the PCG trail spur Walking Tour is Saturday March 10th 9am-11am  

Where @ Paradise Baptist Fellowship Hall   

New Business

Eco-Addendum received 5 star grant to do some  March 20th focus meeting if you would like to attend Grove Park Recreation Center PCG Nature Walk 11am-1pm meeting.  

GPF J. Schwartz  

Grove Park Community Blueprint  MasterPlan update M.Josey 

Alan Holmes (Councilmember D.Hillis)  update on code enforcement, scrap tire drive also  vote on additional 13 million to complete vine city Marta bridge which was quoted at one price vote passed to find out it will cost over 20m.  Councilman Hillis voted NO but vote passed 8/7. Booting vote has gone back to committee.     

Adjournment T.Austin

Torrie Redding