June Meeting Minutes

Welcome /Call to Order T.J Austin 

APD/Public Safety Report T.J Austin

Leuitenent Lewis mlewis@atlantaga.gov Crime Supression Unit /Major Crime Currently zone one is understaffed the officers in the crime suppression unit are much younger than his traditional this position typically requires 4+ years of experience however the officers I am working with right now are young eager and energetic.  Zone 1 is understaffed the officers in the crime suppression unit are much younger than is traditional this position typically requires 4+ years of experience however the officers I am working with right now are young but some have only been on the job around one year 

If their are rooming housing, postituion, drug houses please email me and I will assign it to and officer. 

Please be mindful that summer is approaching do NOT leave valuables or keys in your car for the purpose of cooling it.

Community Concerns

Proctor Creek Greenway Safety and APD’s role? A: Path Foundation and GPwr are working together to install 5 cameras along the trail Quote is 40K hold up is engineering and power sourcing

Update on crime stats & APD stafffing shortage needed and we need to establish a regular contact for GPNA

Commitee Reports

Environmental /Beatification M.Josey

Office of Resilience GPNA Partnership for tactical urbanism project this is an attempt to engage residence and activate the trail and promote community More updates to come soon. 

GPF sponsoring Transportation Study with kick off meeting today right before this mtg so more news to come in the near future 

Events:  proctor creek stewardship Council monthly meeting Saturday, June 9th 1-3pm Fire St 28 Hollywood Rd 

Communications T.Redding 

Treasury Report T. Austin 

account balance 5500 after Creekside our only revenue is member dues 

if you would like to help us grow please become a active member $30 per household. 

City Council Report District 9 rep D. Hillis 

City Council is in process of reviewing and approving the budget. My top priority is Public Safety we are down 300 officers currently. I believe this is due to compensation officers start out at 40K but the more vested officers get the pay is not comparable. City is in the process of doing a compensation study by an outside source based on those results we will be making decisions on hiring, pay increase and overtime. APD vehicle fleet is old and need to be replaced Council has approved purchased of 75 SUV’s to replaced car with engine, paint and a/c problems. 

Fire Station 22 repair has lagged forcing FS#22 to close down until repairs could be done which added to GP and surrounding community emergency response times. Fire station repairs are funding by impact fees which are short for the city. Efforts are being made to find additional funding to cover renovations 

D.Hillis contact 404-623-4903 drhillis@atlantaga.gov 

GDOT Update D.Hillis 

BOE Rep Ericka Mitchell Rep Christi-Ann (intern) Updates  

Read statement regarding GP Academy and the Supereintendent contract Renewal  she is also seeking to build a database for further communications

Creekside Update T.Austin 

Thank You’s and Appreciations/Updates 

 Proctor Creek Greenway Trail Updates Cicely and K.Hall 

PCG Trail development and programs will transfer to InvestAtlanta and Kwanza Hall InvestAtl will take the trail onto the next phase 

Grove Park Foundation K.Rose 

Announcing implementation of Health Imoact study for Grove Park this will,be done to determine what services and resources are needed. This project will be handled by the Mosiac Group 

Grove Theater Mural Update T.Redding

Artist exhibit at Creekside was a great success many patrons were able to meet and greet the artist and cast their vote. We will make and announcement soon of the selected artist and begin the install. Please look for updates on our Social Media platforms 

New Business

GP Community Benefits Agreement

Define: illegally enforceable agreement between communities in the city to engage developers. This helps communities like Grove Park and community advocates inform the growth. We will be working with City Council, GPF and NA. If this something that something you would be interested in participating in please contact Matt Josey 

Atlanta Regional Commission have been selected to receive technical assistance/ consultants grant bringing in planning and GP blueprint vision plan. If you have any questions please contact Matt Josey 

Zoning Request J.Gilbert 

Vote was favorable 


Trees Atlanta volunteer opportunities  

Kudzu Removal 6/16 7/21, 8/11  

UrbanTrans study hosting a focus group details to come 

Stan White Net Results tennis program

Will host a summer camp at Grove Park for children ages 5 to 17 for the month of July if you’re interested please take a

Adjournment T.Austin 




Torrie Redding