September Minutes

Grove ParkNeighborhood Association 

September Minutes 

Call to order T. Austin

Committee Reports

Public Safety Atlanta PD (not present)

Environmental/ beautification M.Josey 

first official meeting was held in Aug seven residents interested in the committee with five able to attend the meeting. The committee has identified Sub areas to focus on parks and green space, food and agriculture, Community development, Public art and land use. 

Committee hopes to work towards some practical initiatives to implement in 2018 2019. 

Some members of this committee met with Jay Olu and Denise from Urban Fresh Market which will launch at Bankhead Marta Station in a few weeks

Hours will be Wednesday’s through November from 3-7pm

Treasury report: R.Marosy 

see P&L statement of activity sheet 

Acknowledgement of first timers T.Austin 

Education Committee J.Redding 

Presentation from Jabari I. Stem Teacher and Department lead at F.Douglass 

Stem Program and Academy is focusing on City planning and Sustainability 

Motto “Steam Astros flying the globe and cracking the code to a sustainable future” solving real world problems through PBL Steam giving there input to Atlanta City Planners for New Development,Park’s, as well as drones, robotics 

Grand Opening for Aquaponics/HYRDRO PONICS FARM Details-shared via flyer  

Communications T.Redding 

Communications Meeting Saturday Northwest Library 10:30 am 

District 9 update A.Holmes  

Demolition of Bolton Rd apartment 917 Bolton Rd after many years of effort we are also attempting to fence in property to discourage tire dumping 

*******Groundbreaking Westside Quarry Park************ date 9/6 

Council Hillis is working on legislation that would segregate code enforcement fines to go to DED program to assist seniors and vets stay in compliance for more info contact (404)-546-4972

COA Park’s Dept A.Phoung and team  

Quarry Park  update 

Thank you Tj my name is Amy P. I serve as a commissioner of Atlanta city of Atlanta Parks and Recreation. We have a variety of projects that we’ve done across the city particularly in this community the renovation of maddox pool and the installation of a new playground at Grove Park. To clarify Allen statement the event on Thursday is a groundbreaking not a ribbon-cutting for the Westside Quarry Park. Would like to apologize for anyone who feels as though we have paid you in the process so far that was not our intention. We are engaging in a multi-year phase 1 of the Westside Quarry Park project. We do not currently have all funding to complete the project but we do have a Knouff to start phase 1 and secure additional funding at a later date. We are working with Keisha Powell and watershed as we are working in partnership with them in the current work with driller MIKE which is drilling a pipeline from the pumping station to the Chattahoochee which will hold the city’s reserve water. There are many decisions still to be made what structures will be in the park what type of observatories will exist and community engagement will be key to that process. 

Park’s Dept Q&A 

Organic Matters/MARTA J.Olu and Denise Whitfield 

Fresh MARTA Market Is in its fourth season. Organics matters does the day-to-day operations and produce sourcing for FMM market. The goal is to be healthy and fresh produce more readily available in close proximity to people on transit. We will be expanded to Bankhead MARTA Station 

Every Wednesday at Bankhead Marta Station through the end of November from 3 to 7 PM 

Grove Theater Mural Update T.Redding  

Creekside Festival 2019 planning committee forming now 

Saturday May 18th please see Torrie R or T.J 

GPNA November Elections coming we invite any interested parties please consider applying 

Eco-Addendum Updates Kathy 

Kayak Trip part 2 September 22nd featuring South Section of the the Hooch (kayaks provided) 

Future Events: 

Restoration/Invasive species removal 

Native Wildflower planting Nov 3rd 

Q&A lead by T.J Austin for new comers 


Adjourned 8:45pm 

Torrie Redding