February 2019

GPNA February Meeting Minutes

Introduction/welcome M.Josey

Public Safety Councilman D.Hillis

Zone 1update major Hampton is still the Major in charge at Zone1 however Captain Cantin will now serve as Assistant Commander and Captain they are both residence district 9 and hope to attend meetings himself or make sure and officer can be in attendance on a regular basis

A growing problem in Atlanta is the issue violent offenders going before Fulton County magistrate judges and getting low cash bonds or signature bonds being released after arrest Atlanta relies on Fulton County court systems to process these suspects. Council is determining how they can respond.

APD in effort to increase recruitment city Council has approve a multi step pay increase starting at the entry level amount from 40K 48.5K starting additional phases will include higher level officers in July 2020 in July 2021.

One of my top priorities has been a long-term project started in 2014 to identify the funds to build new fire station for Firestation 22. Currently located at Hollywood/Johnson I am proud to say all the needed funds the process is in procurement. The city owns land at North Eugenia and Hollywood Road this fire station will be state-of-the art 3bay firestation with a community room. Stay tuned for possible groundbreaking in the second quarter of this year

Westside Quarry Park Update

Parks and Recreation help a community forum update us on their progress Westside Cory Park groundbreaking was held in the fourth quarter of 2018 before any phone left office they revealed phase 1 plans that will include an entrance on Johnson road with a 250 space parking day in observatory for the over the quarry. Unfortunately there will be no access points planned for Grove Park community. Residents would need to drive to Johnson Road and Perry 2 miles away in order to access the Park directly. 

If you would like to be part of the Westside Cory Park advisory panel made up of community members and stakeholders of the surrounding neighborhoods please see Matt Josey for details

Trees Atlanta Update T.Cook 

On MLK day oh well attended event was plan where more than 90 volunteers planted 250 trees in and around Grove Park recreation center. 

Committee Reports 

Treasury T.Cook (see handout) 

Communications T. Redding 

We are making printable flyers available online or go site and print GPNA Meeting flyers to share with neighbors as well as audio of the meetings in the near future 

Education J.Redding 

Real Men Read Program Woodson Park Academy 

March 7th 8:30am Volunteers Needed 

Name Change Initiative for Woodson Park Name Change Survey 

Please participate in survey avail event tonight or got to NextDoor poll 

Creekside Update Leah L

We are excited to announce that the Creekside festival has been revamped and we are putting on the Westside Wing Festival which is a community festival calling all of our surrounding neighborhoods to bring their best wing recipe to be judged by the neighborhoods and patrons in with the opportunity to win prizes of up to $2500 for their neighborhood association and bragging rights of the best wings on the westside! 

Date: March 18th Look Out for details in future meetings

Atlanta Regional Comm Update J. Lombard 

Community assistance Project Grant 

Open House Saturday February 9th 1pm-3/PAWKids on 1643 DLH Parking on Hortense 

The purpose of this grant is for the neighborhood and it’s partners two forecast visioning/blueprint as well as identifying resources. Plan out the future of the neighborhood over the next 20 years what we would like to see and how we would like to see our growth obtained on on everything from our commercial districts to our housing infill and neighborhood services/amenities 


what are some of the major issues affecting grove park?

A: Grocery store, services amenities community spaces, walkability, dumping, blight 

Q: What type of housing would you like to see built in Grove Park if you were a developer?

A: Higher density housing, quality built homes 

Q: if you had to convince someone to move to Grove Park what would you tell them to convince them?

A: convenience, great community, people  

SubArea 9 Beltline Update Angela

2008 the Beltline was broken up into 10 study areas for which we are in charge of updating to 2019 standards/needs 

The city has now taking over design lead. The update process began 4th Quarter 2018 with several community meetings final community meeting will be February 25th @ Washington HS Official Announcement coming soon 

Master plans were done several years ago right now there is just updating of those plans so that we can move forward

The next process will be that the plans will be presented to the NPUs and then to City Council for adoption. LandUse plans changes will be the reference point for coming developm

Trees Atlanta J.Yee 

Presenting upcoming Nature/History Walks TA has been doing work in GrovePark since the late 90’s. Mature tress are important to our neighborhood landscape. There focus is Planting and Education 

TA is looking for oral history to share on these walks please join the walk scheduled February 23rd Gary Ave PCG 1pm 

Variance Request Gabriel 381 Sims Ave 

Vote was to table request for more information with detail3d renderings from neighbors as well as better drawings 


PlaceMaking Grant announcement 5K-50K see office of Planning if your interested in submitting deadline is March 19th 

Kwanza Hall has stepped down from Economic Development/PCG w/IA the position is open. It’s important that we not let it slip thru the cracks and that we stay on top of Invest Atlanta with the spur trail and community access

Grove Park Foundation 

Financial Literacy class at Paradise Sat, February 16th 

March 16th Small Business Development Grant at Paradise 10-11am Those will complete this course will be guaranteed the opportunity for up to 100 K mission about the financial literacy program Contact T.Watkins 678-545-5148

WAWA D.Haddock GeoWalk this Saturday 

Adjournment  M.Josey

Torrie Redding