March 2019

Grove Park Neighborhood Association 

March Minutes 

Call to Order./Approval Minutes T. Austin 

Welcome T.Austin 

Committee Reports 

Environmental/Beatification M.Josey

GPNA & Knight Park/Howell Station is looking to work with Non Profit Park Pride to Est Friends of Quarry Park more info to come in the future. If your interested in the committees work please reach out to Matt 

Finance Report T.Cook 

(See Report)

Education J.Redding 

Dr. McClendon passed away over Winter Break 

Real Men Read Program men interested men should contact Media Specialists Tia S 678-266-2099 

Woodson Park name change update 

NextDoor poll and meeting pool consensus was Grove Park Academy we will send a formal request to APS board chair Jason Esteves and District rep Ericka Mitchell 

Communities desire to request Grove Park Academy be the name going forward 

APS power of Summer program see for details 

Communications T.Redding   

(Technical difficultly) no report 

Public Safety Captain J. Cantin 

Cap Cantin is new to Zone 1 in his current role Dec 2018. Grove Park is doing well crime incidents are down however rash of burglaries in January. 4 suspects have been arrested and are still in custody. 

1 Homicide in front of JJ Auto no suspects currently 

Q&A Session 

District 9 update A. Holmes 

100% Renewable Energy plan COA transition by 2035 

Interim Review Board is fully staffed now and review board can push forward clean and close and demo of blighted prop 

Also Fulton Co. Land bank board is fully staffed as well they are over city owed land and land donated to the city 

Beltline Sub-Area 9  community meeting update. T.Austin 

They are plans to increase size of Bankhead platform at MARTA  March 14th Quarterly Mtg will be a Park Tavern

Grove Park Foundation Affordable housing update & variance request  F.Stephens

Grove Park Gardens project received 5M tax credit in Q1. Architectural drawings were brought for neighborhood input on GPG facade style.

Grove Park Gardens will be 110 units total 34 units 50% below AMI 

56 units 60%below AMI 21 units with no income restrictions 

Roof height variance request a small section as 4 story which will be down into the hillside.  Vote Yay 20 Nay 1 abstentions 3 Pass 

Rezoning request for one additional parcel part of GPG project from R4 to MRC1 Yay 16 Nay 0 Abstentions 3 

Atlanta Regional Commission Grant update Jared & Matt 

February 9 community open house results 

Community priorities results

Economic Development 

Public Safety


Q/A Result 

  • Front porch should be integral to residential infill 

What would you like to see more of? Grocery Store, Neighborhood services gathering place 

  • Where are you thinking of moving next? Consensus people are happy with the sq footage they have some would like to downsize 

Next Steps Goal Statement proposed 

Grove Park is a diverse community of neighbors that know and care about each other 

Grove Park strong neighborhood that is affordable and that protects its long term residents

Grove Park will strengthen its identity with great public spaces and homes  

Environmental Impact Bond presentation A.Hallower 

Watershed is Not only responsible for drinking water management but also Stormwater management. Storm water creates damaging runoff pollution, flooding, negative health impacts. Green infrastructure is a way to reduce the impact of stormwater but also creates green spaces. There are 6 projects plan with the funding. Grove Park and Mosley Park have been identified as good candidates for green infrastructure projects currents examples: Old Forth Ward Park/Rodney Cook Park  

A full presentation and scope of the six projects will be on display march 23 at Antioch Baptist Church on Northside Drive. 

USGBC Green Infrastructure Grant T.Cook 

A 10K grant that the USGBC gives to the national conference host city. We applied and submitted a project based on rein visioning Grove Park and building better infrastructure around the community garden and collaboration sessions. Finalist will be announced later this month. Stay tuned for updates 

Westside Wing Festival Update J.Redding 

New Date June 1st 2019 

Planning committee meets March 9th 10am Northwest Library Scott’s Crossing 

We are looking for sponsors and vendors and Wing cooks to bring for the best wing recipe to represent Grove Park please see Joe if you’re interested in participating as a volunteer or in any other capacity.

WAWA/Eco-Addendum  Announcement 

Stream Restoration Event 3/16 10-2pm meet up at Grove Park Recreation 

Old growth forest walk 4/13 

Invasive Plant Removal workday 4/27

Announcements/ Q&A 

Adjournment T. Austin 

Torrie Redding