April 2019

April GPNA Meeting 

Welcome/Introduction T.Austin 

Public Safety Report J.Cantin

Residents need to be aware of home burglary specifically construction site theft. If you notice trucks what individuals very early in the morning or very late at night chances are it is not the construction crew please call 911 or notify police if you are unsure. As weather warms and kids get out of school It is important that you not leave your keys in your car with your car running even if it’s in your driveway.

APD went out on 3 details with code enforcement on the following streets:



North Ave 

Chappell and Joseph Boone Corridor 

For a total 72 citations 

Example overgrown grass, yards debris and home repairs 

APD working with CM.Hillis regarding street lights to prevent pedestrian safety 

Resident statement: Pedestrian was hit at N.Eugenia and DLH Pkwy she received a ticket for jaywalking however there is NO safe crosswalk and light to crooks at it near Family Dollar where many residents shop 

Education CommitteeJ.Redding 

Presentation from M. Downer-Asef 

Keeping Pace Summer Academy

Offering middle school summer programming 

With daily math tutoring to prevent the summer slide as well as reading and writing 

Transportation, breakfast and lunch included for Free. Students who participate are required to attend from May 31-July 2nd and receive free /reduced lunch 

pick location is at Redeemer Church in Vine City 

Finance Report T.Cook (see Report) 

Environment/Beatification M.Josey 

Friends of Grove Park Initiative In the process of working with Park Pride and nonprofit to bolster support work on fundraising efforts and establish volunteer base for the park. 

Also working with  West Highlands and Howell Station NA to create a Friends of Westside Quarry Park goal is to advocate for the neighborhoods and residents bordering the park. (Current GO will not have a access point to Quarry Park in Phase1) 

Trees Atlanta working on initiative to protect tree canopy 

Any Residents Interested in this Committee contact Matt Josey matt.josey@gmail.com 


No Report 

Grove Park Neighborhood Block Project T.Austin 

GPNA has been involved in a expansion effort to expand our boundaries to include the Overlook property property adjacent to on Gary Ave., Northwest across from Bankhead station which will eventually be Quarry Yards Development 

We will be working to grow our representation across our large neighborhood we want to create quadrants that will allow us create better engagement and communications 

(See Map) please put your address on the map

GPNA Bylaws amendment discussion T.Cook

GPNA has been in discussion about growing our board to include 3 additional At-Large members who can assist with the workload. They would also be able to slide into executive roles as they become available and current members cycle off. 

Westside Wing Festival  J.Redding 

Westside Wing festival will be Saturday, June 1 from 12 to 6 PM @ Grove Park Greenspace This is Grove Park’s main revenue generator and how we we depend on this event to be able to fund initiatives throughout the year so we need the neighborhoods full support and volunteers in order to make this event

Our plans this month are the following: 

Announce an issue challenges at NPU’s

Securest sponsors

Recruit volunteers and marketing

If you know anyone who would be interested in vending or sponsorship opportunities please reach out to Joe Redding 404-432-0660 or Yeou Rong-Jih  678-640-3270


Atlanta Westside Youth Flag Football League E.Cook 

Reading of Letter from Falcons Head Coach D.Quinn 

Volunteers coaches Needed No Experience Required contact Coach Cook 

Edcook@westsidefalcons.football 888-324-3246 ext 3

Community Q&A 

Liquor store Next-door to AutoZone is now closed which has decreased foot traffic in illegal activity.

The new Woodson Park Academy groundbreaking will happen in May 2019 with Anticipation of the school opening in August 2020

Introduction of Dana ROBERTS director of operations at the new Kipp Woodson park

What is the Almond Park Neighborhood? 

Q: Does any know what’s happening at old Bank of America 

A: It will be converted into an attorney’s office

Q: What will happen to the Liquor Store 

A: it will be torn down and redeveloped with mainstream services but Partners will take the lead on that it will not be Grove Park Foundation 

Upcoming Events/Classes 

Westside Wing Festival Saturday, June 1st noon @ GrovePark Greenspace tickets on Eventbrite 

Financial Literacy class Sat, April 6th @Paradise Church (Free)
Small Business Development Class thru Small biz Literacy initiative next class will be a All Day workshop with the promise of access to capital 

Register with Twatkins@groveparkfoundation.org 

Atlantic Capital Community 5K fundraiser May 4th thru Neighborhood and PCG with proceeds going to Community efforts. Grove Park registration half price!!

Monthly Housing Workshops subject: Lawn and Gardening  with/Historic Westside Gardens, Care and Conserve and Georgia cooperative extension 

April 20th 

Pro bono Wills Clinic for senior homeowners please contact Fred Stevens fstevens@groveparkfoundation.org 5 slots available sponsored by Georgia Heirs 

Torrie Redding